The Fitness Club PIT extends to about 500m2 and is equipped with the latest equipment of the world’s brand LIFE FITNESS, with a goal to provide the best for all clients.

That is why we equipped the wide dressing rooms also with the sauna of the brand HARVIA, and after a good workout we have provided a protein bar that is part of the pleasant environment of the fitness club.





+ Can I pay just for the gym or for a cardio?

Every package we have to offer is protected and can not be changed!

+ Can I transfer gym sessions to the next month?

Gym sessions can be transferred for a maximum of seven days in the case of illness or a previously announced absence of the client.

+ Is there a limited time of a workout?

There is no limited time of a workout.

+ Can I use the weekend package on working days?

A package of 8 gym sessions is also protected and can be used only on weekends.

+ Is there a help available since I’ve never trained before?

Yes, as a new client, you are entitled to 3 demonstration training exercises that you our trainers demonstrate to you, which are made so that you can safely continue to practice them afterwards. Of course, after that our trainers are always available to show you some new exercise or give you a free advice.

+ Can I use my card with a family member or a friend?

No, it’s personal only.

+ Do I have to use special exercise equipment?

You need to have clean shoes, workout clothes and clean towel during training.

+ How often should I train to achieve a change?

For visible results, it takes 3 workouts per week.

+ Do I get a discount if I train in a certain part of the day?

In the period from 12h to 17h you get a discount of 10%.

+ Does Pit Gym fitness center has a parking?

Yes, the fitness center has secured parking.



3700rsdper month
  • 12 gym sessions
  • 12 cardio workout sessions
  • available parking


4700dinper month
  • 30 gym sessions
  • 30 cardio workout sessions
  • available parking


  • 1 gym session
  • 1 cardio workout session
  • available parking


Discount on gym packages for all new members!